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A beginner’s guide to using the Piltover Enforcer

Vi: A beginner’s guide to using the Piltover Enforcer

With Netflix working with Riot Games, millions of viewers have been introduced to the greater world of League of Legends through the ‘Arcane’ animated series. As more people get enamoured by the show, it’s possible that they’ll find themselves playing the game it’s based on.

To help these potential new players navigate through League of Legends: Wild Rift, we at Tecky Gaming will help them play as someone they’ve spent time with throughout the show: Vi. Are you ready to take down your enemies as The Piltover Enforcer? Then be sure to keep on reading!

Vi bio

Hot-headed and always ready for a fight, Piltover’s enforcer was once a criminal in her youth in the dark streets that would become Zaun. Through a series of traumatic events that included being separated from her sister and being imprisoned for years, Vi became a truly hardened warrior which gave her the capability to bring down the city’s most wanted criminals with a single punch. 

With Zaun’s illegal activities on the rise, Vi was equipped with powerful Hextech gauntlets called the ‘Atlas Gauntlets’ to help Piltover take down these activities. 

Playing as Vi

When playing as Vi in League of Legends: Wild Rift, it’s important for you to learn what she has to offer as a playable character and how you can use them to your advantage and become the game’s winner. 

Skill Order

Once you’re sent into the arena, you’ll be able to use the following skills to grow stronger and more durable as you play through the game.

Denting Blows (Passive) – In League of Legends, everyone has a natural ability that allows them to gain an advantage over their opponents. For Vi, she’s able to have a high Attack Speed rate and deplete the same opponent’s maximum health and Armor should she damage them for every third attack.  

Vault Breaker – When the Vault Breaker skill is chosen, Vi deals a powerful, Vault-shattering punch that sends her forward. Enemies affected by this skill get knocked back and receive a stack of Denting Blows.

Blast Shield – Once the player activates Vi’s Blast Shield, they’ll be protected by a shield that absorbs incoming damage. While the shield is active, if Vi attacks or uses skills against her opponents, she gets stacks of Blast Shield. Once the maximum number of shield stacks is obtained, Vi gains maximum speed.

Excessive Force – By using Excessive Force, Vi throws a powerful punch that damages both the opponent and the allies behind them.

Assault and Battery – This is Vi’s ‘Ultimate skill’. Once it’s activated, Vi charges towards her target and knocks any of their allies in her way. When her mighty gauntlets grab a hold of her target, Vi throws them in the air, leaps in their direction, and throws the target to the ground, causing massive damage. 

Aside from her Passive Skill, all these skills mentioned above become unlocked and grow in power and effectiveness as the player’s level rises. To ensure you’ll have the most powerful skills to crush your opponents, be sure to keep on levelling up to either have or further empower Vi’s skills.  

Vi Abilities Info & Ability Order

When all of Vi’s abilities have been made available for use, this is the best way for players to use them in succession:

Vault Breaker3467
Denting Blow1121415
Excessive Force281011
Assault and Batter5913N/A


When playing as Vi, it’s important for newer players to know that her recommended role is a jungler. What this means is, Vi needs to move around the jungle areas of the map to kill as many monsters to level up and earn new personal enhancements.

Jungling is a great strategy to accomplish because it allows Vi to rise to level 5, where she gets the Assault and Battery ability. Once she reaches this level faster, Vi can become stronger than any of the enemy champions since the aforementioned skill is the most powerful in her ability set.

Item Build

To build Vi’s health, attack, defence and speed, you’ll need to buy the following items. They become available to you once you have enough gold to pay for them. (Note: These items’ effects are subject to change for every League of Legends: Wild Rift update. This article was created on December 2, 2021)

Long Sword

At the beginning of the game, Vi will need to have this item equipped for additional +12 Attack Damage.

Core Build

Trinity Force


  • +200 Health
  • +20 Attack Damage
  • +30% Attack Speed
  • +25 Ability Haste

It gives Vi Unique – Fervor: +5% movement speed

It gives Vi Unique – Spellblade: Once this item is bought, it gives players an incentive after using one of Vi’s abilities. Directly after the ability is used, any basic attack made within 10 seconds allows Vi to damage her opponents with a 200% base AD bonus physical damage should Vi successfully hit their opponent. (After Vi does this empowered attack, there will be a 1.5-second cooldown) 

Unique – Rage: Once basic attacks hit the opponent, Vi is granted a +20 Melee/10 Ranged and a 2-second flat movement speed. When a player successfully eliminates units, Vi receives a +60 Melee/30 Ranged flat movement instead. No Bonuses get stacked once the Unique – Rage is in place. 

Sterak’s Gage

Effect: +400 Health

Unique – Sterak’s Fury: Once Lifeline is triggered, grants increased size and grants Vi with 30% tenacity for 3 seconds. 

Unique – Lifeline: Having Lifeline grants Vi a shield that absorbs 75% of bonus health that decays over 3 seconds when she receives damage that reduces her max health below 35%. Once this is activated, there will be a 90-second cooldown until it can be used again. 

This can only be used by melee-based champions like Vi.

Guardian Angel 


  • +40 Armor
  • +40% Attack Damage

Unique – Resurrect: When Vi receives lethal damage during the game, she becomes resurrected and receives 50% of her base health and 30% of her maximum mana after a 4-second stasis period. There’s a 210 second cooldown time when this happens.


Plated Steelcaps

Unique – Footwear: +40 movement speed

Unique – Enhanced: +15 armor

Unique – Block: Having these boots gives Vi the ability to be protected from 15% damage from her opponent’s Basic attacks. 

Unique – Sprint: Having these boots allows Vi to move faster by receiving a 15% movement speed increase for three seconds. However, if she receives damage from other champions, the speed boost is immediately lost. (There’s a 60-second cooldown after this feature is used up.)


Unique – Stoneplate: Once these boots are equipped, Vi’s health grows to a maximum of 65%. The Gargoyle also lets Vi receive 60% less damage dealt to her for 4 seconds. However, should 3 or more enemy champions be nearby, Vi receives increased maximum health by 130% instead. (There’s a 45-second cooldown after this is used.) This is limited to 1 Boots enchantment. 

Final Build

Once Vi reaches the maximum level of 15, having the following items will ensure a well-rounded set of stats that will help you win the round—so be sure to build fast to beat your enemy champions!

These items you need are:

  • Trinity Force
  • Sterak’s Gage
  • Guardian Angel
  • Death’s Dance
    • +300 Health
    • +35 Attack Damage
    • +15 Ability Haste
      • Unique – Dance: +10% Physical Vamp
      • Unique – Cauterize: Once Cauterize is activated, Vi absorbs 30% of the damage taken to her as a 3-second bleeding effect.
  • Thornmail
    • +200 Health
    • +75 Armor
      • Unique – Thorns: When basic attacks hit Vi, for 3 seconds, she’ll reflect 25 (+10% bonus armor) magic damage and Grievous Wounds on the enemy champion. For 3 seconds, Vi will be able to inflict Grievous Wounds should she manage to immobilize enemy champions.
  • Plated Steelcaps
  • Gargoyle

Spells and Runes

For additional enhancement methods, Vi is able to use the following spells and runes.

Summoner Spells

Flash – Ideal for chasing after a low-health enemy or escaping from being defeated. Using the Flash spell allows short-distance movement at the player’s desired direction. (150-second cooldown before a player is able to use the Flash again.)

Smite – Depending on Vi’s current level, using the Smite Spell allows her to deal 440 to 1000 true damage to the monsters on the map. This leads to a 10-second cooldown. Meanwhile, defeating monsters while Smite is being used rewards Vi with 70 health (+10% maximum health.) 

Should Vi defeat 4 large monsters, her Smite spell upgrades to either Chilling Smite/Challenging Smits that allows her to target any opponent she wants.

Smite also features the following bonus effects:

  • Hunting License: As Vi jungles monsters, she can permanently earn 20% bonus experience, but at the cost of earning only 20% less gold and experience from defeating minions.
  • Tooth and Nail: This allows her to damage targeted jungle monsters by 10% more. Should a player damage monsters through a burn for 30 magic damage, Vi will then be rewarded with 30 health over 5 seconds. Also, every 45 seconds, Vi will be able to gain a charge. 
  • Passive: While Vi is in the jungle or river, 4 mana gets restored per second.

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